Reservoir Characterization of West Waha and Worsham-Bayer Fields

Reservoir Characterization of West Waha and Worsham-Bayer Fields

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West Waha and Worsham-Bayer fields are located in the Southeastern Delaware Basin, West Texas. These fields have been experiencing problem of low natural gas recovery in contrast to their large estimated reserves. The study involved the integration of interpreted three data sets. The principal objectives for this study were to determine the impact of thin-beds on reservoir petrophysical analysis and to assess the impact of estimated recoverable reserve on the interpreted reservoirs. Reservoir characterization method employed were: well log correlation, petrophysical analysis, reservoir attribute analysis, seismic-to- well ties, fault mapping, 3D seismic interpretation, generation of time-depth structure maps, volumetric analysis and production record interpretation. This work showed that the studied fields have large amount of natural gas volume and that Ellenburger group is the major producing reservoir. The method used may also be applied in Nigerian fields towards enhancing...

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