Metallic Ore Deposits of the Nubian Shield in Egypt

Metallic Ore Deposits of the Nubian Shield in Egypt

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In Egypt Au, Cu-Zn ,BIF, Sn-W,W-Mo, SN-Nb-Ta deposits occur in Nubian Shield Tectonic environs control distribution of 120 vein and dyke gold deposits. Promising Au sites are given. Seven Zn-Cu- Pb-As ores occur in island arc meta-volcanic suites. Liho-structures control its distribution and present position that favored record of new Cu-Zn mineralization in arcute meta-volcanic belt at W. Allaqi upper reaches. Cu-Pb ore in meta-volcano- sediments exists in Um Zerieq-Kid in Sinai. Copper porphyry could exist at Um Qiesum granodiorite porphyry. Algoma-type BIF in island arc meta- andesite and its tuffs occur at 13 localities in the Eastern Desert with 50 million tons reserves of concentrate. Tremendous Superior Lake BIF exists in Archaean gneisses in Owienat district. Both BIF ores are rich in gold. Magmatic Muscovite-microcline quartz-albite granites existing in Abu Dabbab, Igla and Nuweibi in the Eastern Desert are Sn-W and Sn- Nb- Ta bearing.

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