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This book embodies the results of landslide investigation in NW Himalaya, India. Conventionally, landslides are subjected to casual geologic- engineering investigations and recommended bioengineering practices are being employed for the mitigation of landslide hazards. The geologic investigations include the well known “observation approach” taking into account lithology, topography, catchment characteristics, climate, etc. The current investigation is based on new “Observation Approach” in landslide research, which is different in concept from the above method in soil mechanics and involves observation of the magnitude of the deformation parameters. This new approach focuses on monitoring of subsurface movements at different sites for landslide hazard assessment. Evaluation of palaeo- strain, petrophysics, and kinematics and sediment characterisation is a new development in this direction. This book provides insights in understanding the landslide mechanism from the viewpoint of...

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