Groundwater Modeling of Gaza Coastal Aquifer

Groundwater Modeling of Gaza Coastal Aquifer

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This research work investigates a feasibility study on the impact of artificial recharge from a planned wastewater treatment plant on the groundwater quantity and quality of the coastal aquifer in the Gaza Strip, Palestine. During September 2001 to August 2002, an extensive program of hydrogeological investigation and laboratory analysis of soil samples were undertaken to achieve the most reliable characterization of the subsoil and eventually to assist in the design and implementation of a pilot artificial recharge system for treated wastewater to groundwater. Regional groundwater flow simulations are made using the three-dimensional numerical model MODFLOW. The groundwater mounding has been simulated with a constant recharge of 60000 m3/d, and an infiltration rate of 0.75 m/d, while all other hydrogeological conditions are assumed as present conditions. The simulation shows that the groundwater mound beneath the center of the recharge basin can be expected to rise to about 15 m...

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