Geotourism in Kutch Region, Gujarat: An Innovative Approach

Geotourism in Kutch Region, Gujarat: An Innovative Approach

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Kutch region has been doing excellently well in many of the economic sectors but still there is an immense potential such as tourism. Here we introduce a new kind of tourism – ‘Geotourism’. It is relatively a new concept and sustainable and has been well received by many countries all over the world. India has not yet come in the forefront in tourism sector The reason for our focus to Geo-tourism is that we have already lost many locations of geological significance and still losing it because of our negligence and ignorance. The issue of preservation of geosites has provoked many of the geologists to initiate geotourism in Kutch. This is because Kutch is a warehouse of remarkable geological, paleontological and tectonic features and we cannot afford to lose all of it. To conserve it we need to create protected sites called geoparks comprise of one or more geosites.

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