Geophysics and Mineral Prospecting

Geophysics and Mineral Prospecting

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This book is a try to give idea about using the available geological and geophysical data; including gravity; magnetic and radiometric of the basement rocks to identify the lithological and structural features which may control the occurrences of mineralization of economic value (metallic and nonmetallic minerals). This is the reconnaissance step of the study. Thereafter, a detailed ground geophysical program had been designed (spectrometric, VLF-EM and VMG methods), in the light of the results of the reconnaissance investigation to investigate the accessible promising localities to get more information about the lateral and vertical distributions of the expected mineralization. The interpretation results of the ground geophysical data show that the distribution of the subsurface mineralization is controlled by the structural elements in the study area. The occurrences of the subsurface sulphide and iron oxides mineralization are controlled by faults and dykes. While, the occurrences...

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