Geomorphology of Haryana-Punjab Plain and Problem of Saraswati River

Geomorphology of Haryana-Punjab Plain and Problem of Saraswati River

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The study deals with the geomorphic evolution of Haryana-Punjab Plain, located in the middle of Indo-Ganjetic foreland basin. Geophysical studies indicate presence of Delhi-Ambala Basement High as a subsurface continuation of Aravalli-Delhi Massif. The sediment input in Haryana-Punjab Plain occurs at a rate in excess of the down flexing of the lithosphere. Thus, the basin is oversupplied and built at 300-150 m above present sea level, in different parts. Surface profiles drawn across the Plain indicate that most of the streams, which are ephimeral at present occupy wide valleys indicating a wetter period in the past when these streams flew perennially. Surface profiles across Himalayan trend indicate presence of sharp bluffs produced due to neotectonic movements related to Himalayan orogeny. Drainage morphometry of the basins located on either side of Ganga-Indus water divide, indicate tectonic movement along Delhi-Ambala basement high tilting the basins, creating an arched upland...

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