Geomorphic Evolution of a Landscape in Tectonically Active Area

Geomorphic Evolution of a Landscape in Tectonically Active Area

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Geomorphic Evolution of Landscape is about how the changes occur in the landform by different geomorphological processes. In addition to it, how the tectonics play a vital role in such evolutions. The work area is a hilly region and is a part of Lesser Himalaya and Siwaliks. The two different fault systems (i.e. Main Boundary Fault and Local fault identified in the field) are controlling the erosion and deposition pattern in the area. Sediment budgeting of the study area was done to observe whether the tectonic activity played any role in erosion and deposition of the sediment in the catchment of the Kalagarh River. As the computation of sediment volume at erosional and depositional site will provide quantitative estimation of surface process. The sediment budgeting was done with the help of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data prepared by using GIS techniques and the work done in the field. Hence the deposition of the sediments observed in the field indicate different...

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